Throw away those scales

Throw your weighing scales away!  I’m certainly not the first and I definitely won't be the last person to say this.


Hands up if you’ve ever done a week of tough workouts and eaten really well only to stand on the scales to be left feeling completely deflated by the number glaring back at you?  This is so common! I’ll explain why its time to throw your scales out the window! (don’t actually, you might hit someone ) 


The biggest obstacles when it comes to health and fitness is motivation,  and the biggest Debbie downer of them all are the scales!


When it comes to health and fitness jumping on the scales is a terrible measure of your success. It doesn’t matter how hard you train or how good your nutrition is, the scales cannot measure some of the most factors when it comes to your health and fitness!


What the scales CANNOT measure!

Your strength 

Your energy

Change to your body shape

Your confidence 

Your fitness levels 


Using The Lean Life program  I have had clients that have completely transformed there bodies over 10 weeks but the scales have only moved by 3 pounds and in some cases, the scales have gone up whilst the body has been burning fat! This is because fat takes up more volume than muscle, so your body can look completely different but you’ve burnt away all the fat and you have developed lean muscle.

 We are so used to measuring our health and fitness success by what the scales read so this might all be difficult of some to comprehend, if you are training and eating right and the scales are going up, this does not mean that you are gaining extra fat! It's lean muscle! 


Standing on the scales usually leads to instant feelings of negativity… nobody needs that in their lives.


When beginning a new fitness program, I urge you to use progress pictures as a way to measure your success instead, take a photo of yourself at the end of each month. This way you can see the physical changes your body had made.


Throw the scales away and focus on you! You are making progress and you are getting fitter and stronger along with burning fat even if the scales tell you otherwise!